Hatch Joins Team Tonic

Wanted all of you to know that Hatch Outdoors just came onboard to support Angler’s Tonic for another full year. If you’re not familiar with Hatch products you better click on the new ad (——>) and take a perusal. I’ll be getting a pair of their Tempest pliers to use and review. Also put in an order for the 3 Plus Finatic so that my daughter, Tate, and I can put it to the test this spring and summer. Having fished Hatch reels for, what, six or seven years now, I have a strong feeling that this will be a great, durable and awesome looking reel that Tate will lay waste with.

While you’re at their site, check out the clothing, meaning T-shirts and such. Cool, modern designs for sure. See the example below. Ok, that’s it, a shout out to Hatch for supporting the cause. Jump over to their site and make their patronage worth it.




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