Tonic, Redington & Sage Geocache: Find it first

Want a new XL Redington shirt, plus a cool gray Redington hat, along with a couple Sage stickers and an Angler’s Tonic sticker? Here’s what you do. You get yourself a GPS if you don’t already own one, or you use your smart phone’s GPS device, and you put the chips and guac down and you head to the outskirts of Missoula to find a geocache that I placed yesterday.

If you have a smartphone you could download a sweet app called Geocaching. Log in the coordinates I’m about to provide and it will map you to the spot.

Here’s what I’m thinking: If you find the cache, please send me a comment or e-mail me direct. Take the schwag but leave the waterproof plastic bin. I’ll collect it as soon as I know the cache has been found and I’ll reload it with more cool Redington and Sage gear, plus a Tonic T-shirt, and I’ll place it somewhere else, in a unique fly fishing related spot, for others to find. Sound good.


Here are your coordinates:

N 046˚ 59.244′

W 114˚ 06.326′

Here’s a hint: Undercut bank. Find before high water arrives. You’re looking for a clear plastic container with a red lid.

The girls, by the way, said the name of this cache is “Flaming Tigers.”

Here’s another hint: If you go in the afternoon and the temperature is above 32˚ you should have your waders and a rod with you. Tie on some zebra midges, give it a throw.

Is this photo a hint? You decide.


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