The Mount Jumbo Stumble

Things were going well today.  A last couple hours with the girls before they head out with their mom for eight days. They’ve got a three-hour drive ahead of them so I decided to wear them out a little. I said, “We’re going to the L.” The L is the letter on Mount Jumbo.

So up we went admiring the views. Made it to the L and all is well. But on the way down the girls got into a lead battle and ignored my suggestions to not run. Here’s the result. I’ll say this, Myka is one tough little bugger. She cried for sure, screamed actually, but it didn’t last long and she toughed it out. Didn’t really even flinch when I cleaned her up. Got some kid blood on my clothes today and I feel super bad for her, but I’d rather have her out there and doing things than inside pretending that X-Box is a substitute for a real experience. Here you go.

Everything's cool so far.



Not good, not good at all.


We're home, feeling better and ready to clean up.




Patched up.

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