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As many of you know, I grew up in Seattle and hold it close to my core. In those days, when traffic wasn’t bad and Efren Herrera was catching fake field goal passes for touchdowns, you couldn’t find a better place to live. I still like the place because all of my family is there and I have a blast each time I visit. A bonus is that the food scene in Seattle is as good as anywhere so I’ll never forgive Anthony Bourdain for not including Seattle in his Pacific Northwest segment. You couldn’t eat your way through that town in a lifetime.

Many of you pass through Seattle on your way to Alaska or British Columbia, Hawaii or beyond, and I thought this article, poached from Seattle Met Magazine, might come in handy during your layover. If you live in Seattle, you probably already know about these places, but it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder.

Here’s the segment on Dick’s Drive-in where all you have to say is, “Two Deluxes please,” and you’re good to go.

Dick’s Drive-In 115 Broadway E, Capitol Hill, 206-323-1300. 500 Queen Anne Ave N, Lower Queen Anne, 206-285-5155. 9208 Holman Rd NW, Broadview, 206-783-5233. 12325 30th Ave NE, Lake City, 206-363-7777. 111 NE 45th St, Wallingford, 206-632-5125. 21910 Hwy 99, Edmonds, 425-775-4243; 

It opened in 1954, all windows and stainless and acreage of Wallingford asphalt, with milkshakes made of ice cream, fries cut from potatoes, and ketchup-and-mustard-topped burgers for 19 cents. The ensuing six decades has seen Dick’s colonize five other neighborhoods and raise the price of its ridiculously craveable burger to a whopping buck-twenty-five—but the ice cream and the potatoes are still in the house, and so is a cityful of rabid faithful from across the tax brackets. Sure, you see plenty of change scroungers at the most democratic restaurant in town—but legend has it Bill Gates once tried to pay for his burger here with a thousand-dollar bill. READ MORE

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