Kara Armano’s Bonefish School at Andros South

I’ve had the opportunity to fish with Kara Armano a couple times and she’s the real deal—no tying this gal’s flies on for her. If you’re interested in bonefish and having a great time, with lots of laughs and even a little good tempered ridicule you should make the start of your new year something special and sign up for this class. Good eats, great bar time, and bonefish after bonefish. While you’re there, learning all there is to know about bones, you can also question Armano on gear and other species, such as trout and redfish. She lives in Colorado and fishes trout often. And she works for Backbone Media, and handles the Sage, Redington and fishpond accounts. So, she knows gear and gets to fish all over the place for tarpon, redfish, etc. Sign up for this and you’ll learn lots and have a great experience.From Deneki Outdoors:

We’re thrilled to announce our Women’s Bonefishing School at Andros South Lodge, from January 5th to the 12th, 2013!

Building on the success of our very popular Bonefishing School program, our Women’s School will be co-hosted by Kara Armano and Bruce Chard.  You’ll get hands-on instruction from the best in the business, plenty of time on the legendary flats of Andros Island, and the company of a bunch of women who love fishing as much as you do – what could be better?

What’s a Bonefishing School? We’ve been teaching folks about bonefishing for 6 years now.  These schools take place over a week-long stay at Andros South, and combine a full day of instruction with 5 days of fully guided fishing, with a few evening instructional sessions thrown in to boot. Attendees range from anglers on the flats for their very first time, to experienced, well-traveled guests looking to hone their skills with the best of the best. We cover a wide range of topics in our schools. Here are just a few!

  • Tackle Selection
  • Fly Selection, Tying and Design
  • Casting on the Flats
  • Fly Presentation
  • Bonefish Habitat

Your Hosts Kara Armano is a lifelong angler who’s lucky enough to make her living doing PR for companies in the fly fishing industry.  She grew up fishing with her family in Montana, but these days she’s got a bad case of saltwater addiction!

Armano putting the heat on a Louisiana redfish.

“A passion of mine is getting more female anglers involved in the sport. From beginners to advanced anglers, I love watching their eyes light up when it all comes together. Women are great learners and pick up fly fishing quickly. Sharing that passion is very fulfilling. ”

Bruce Chard is an elite guide in the Florida Keys.  Days with Bruce are highly sought after, and he’s been at it now for more than 17 years.  He’s an FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor, a line designer, a paid speaker at fishing shows, a signature fly tier – and a fun, energetic guy to hang around with!

Bruce has delivered 13 successful Bonefishing Schools at Andros South and is incredibly excited about working with Kara to share his love of the flats with a great group of women.

Andros South Introduction Andros South is located on South Andros Island.  We fish for bonefish, barracuda, sharks and more, and we occasionally have opportunities for shots at permit and tarpon.  Guests stay at our lodge and go fishing with our guides out of flats skiffs.

South Andros Fishery The fishery on South Andros is huge, varied and productive. We fish 4 parts of the island – tidal creeks on the East Side, hundreds of small keys off the southern tip of the island, the West Side which is known for large fish, and inland ponds and creeks in the middle of the island.

Some areas tend to hold large groups of fish while others are home to larger fish in smaller groups – novice and expert anglers alike have a great time on the flats of South Andros. We have lots of opportunities for both wading and poling, depending on your preferences and conditions.

Our Accommodations Our focus at Andros South is on providing the best fishing experience possible – an incredible fishery, great guides and excellent service – in an environment that we describe as ‘comfortable but casual’. We are not a ‘luxury lodge’. The location is beautiful, the rooms are clean and comfortable and the food is great. The overall feel is relaxing and certainly not formal.

Bonefish School Pricing Our Women’s Bonefishing School costs $4495 for 7 nights at the lodge, a full day of instruction and 5 days fishing the flats of South Andros.  We also offer shorter versions of the school starting at 4 nights and 3 days for $2550.

Our pricing is structured a little differently than others out there – it’s pretty much all-inclusive. Our prices include transfers to and from the airport, single-occupancy lodging (you get your own room), guided fishing with 2 anglers per boat, food, all drinks including beer wine and liquor, loaner gear and flies. Your only additional costs during the trip are travel to the island and gratuities for the staff.

Travel South Andros Island is easily accessible in 1 day, with many flight options into Nassau, Bahamas and two flights per day between Nassau and South Andros.  In addition, many of our guests enjoy the option of flying non-stop from Fort Lauderdale to South Andros.

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