The Question: Go Anywhere, Do Anything … in 2013?

Other than the typical Tuesday woes, which means dealing with some conversation that I just don’t want to deal with, it’s just a lovely little day in Missoula.

My inclination is to go to the refrigerator and pop open one of those Red Hook Winter Ales so politely waiting in the cold. Of course, it’s not even noon as I pen this, and it’s Tuesday, so that’s a little early in my book.

What I’ll probably do is hike Mount Jumbo to blow off steam and get the exercise I really need. Too many hours sitting in this damn chair slowly allowing my ass to go numb, further promoting the One-Pack.

I’ll take that hike, but first I have a question for you.

Say someone sent you an e-mail today that read, Wouldn’t it be great if, just once, some guy showed up at the front door and said “Here’s a check for $200,000.  I want the six best stories you can write.  Fiction, non-fiction, whatever … You’ve got a year, and you pick the subjects.  I don’t care how long they are.  They just have to be really good. Oh, and I’ll pick up all your expenses.” If that happened, what would you do?

Well, that’s the e-mail I got today, from a writer friend and we went back and forth on the options. It was fun and I thought we could do the same thing here.

For most of you writing isn’t the goal. So what if the guy showed up at your door and said, What do you want to do this year, I’ll pick up the tab? And fishing could be in the mix, but wouldn’t be a requirement.

That’s the question. What would you do in 2013 if you could quit your job or whatever obligations you have, and just do what you’ve really wanted to do for, like,  forever? That’s what I want to know. Please keep your comments under 200 words. Should be a lot of fun to hear what all of you truly desire.

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