Fly Fishing Gear for Sale: Angler’s Tonic Patrons get first shot at it

I’ve been banging keys all Saturday morning, working on a story about Nimmo Bay Lodge and heli-fishing British Columbia’s wild coast. But now I need a break. I was going to log onto Craigslist and post some of the gear I have to sell, but I thought it made sense to offer it to Angler’s Tonic patrons first. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that you need and can take advantage of what I consider to be some killer deals. So, here are the offerings to you first. Thanks for your patronage to the site.

SIMMS’s Flats Boots—I’ve only worn these on one trip, to Turneffe Flats Lodge in Belize. So, basically, these have five days of use on them. I would say these are in
excellent condition. Size 11 U.S. Yours for $40 plus shipping.

Cloudveil Wading Pants—Brand new. I’ve never worn these. Got them about the time Cloudveil was bowing out of fly fishing. That doesn’t mean these aren’t great wading pants. They have two sweet front pockets and suspenders to keep the pants up. Also belt loops if you prefer that method. These are size large and fit me well. I’m six feet tall. Yours for $100 plus shipping.

SIMMS Lightweight Wading Jacket—I’ve worn this jacket quite a bit but I would still say it’s in great, great shape. No leaking whatsoever and I can’t find any worn spots on it. Great pockets, zingers, velcroed wrist wraps and neoprene wrist cuffs. Back horizontal zipper pocket. Yours for $45 plus shipping.

FILSON Rod and Reel Travel Luggage—Got this a while back and have used it some. Great for a few rod tubes and six or seven reels. Carry it on and stash it overhead on the plane and feel safe that your essential gear will arrive at your destination. Classy piece, as always from Filson. Yours for $25 plus shipping.













REDINGTON Lightweight Flats Pants—Barely used these bad boys. Not because I don’t like them. They feel awesome and are just the right weight for me. But, they are a little tight and a little short in length for my build. I’m 6 feet and 200 pounds (don’t say anything, ok, I’ll be 190 by the end of March, if not before). Those Kaliks in the Bahamas set me back. Ok, these are larges with a waist size of 32. Yours for $20 plus shipping.

SIMMS G4 GUIDE PANTS—Tough to let these go, but it’s time. I’ve worn these a bit, even on the Dean River for steelhead in British Columbia. They don’t leak and are in what I would call, good condition. You’ll be surprised at how often these work in place of full waders, which is awesome in warm weather. These won’t disappoint. Yours for $85 and shipping.





PATAGONIA WOMEN’S WADING JACKET—Found this awesome jacket on the banks of the Madison River and put up an ad in the fly shops and in the local paper and nobody ever claimed it. Hey you’ve missed Valentines Day, but this would make a sweet gift even though it’s used.

 I would say it is in great to excellent condition. Medium size. Yours for $100 and shipping.

 SIMMS’ G4 Full GoreTex Waders—I’ve used the heck out of these but he last time I wore them they did not leak. Need to get a couple seasons out of these? They are size large. Yours for $40 and shipping.

 CLOUDVEIL Lightweight Jacket—I’ve worn this piece a lot. It’s still in great shape, but again well used. Great for wearing on cool evenings and mornings. Great to wear under wading jacket during cold weather. You could spring ski with it, too. Size large. Yours for $20 and shipping.

REDINGTON SONIC PRO WADERS—These are medium size and leak like a sieve on the right leg. You want to do the work and repair that leak? These would basically be new. I’ve only worn them a couple days. Just got a large to replace them so no need to have these. Take advantage of a great deal. $199 brand new. Yours for $50 plus shipping.

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT ORVIS WADERS—These are sweet waders. No leaks. I’ve worn them a half-dozen times. Offing them because I have a new pair of Orvis waders and I don’t really need these anymore. Your gain. I would describe these as in great to excellent condition. They come with a stuffsack and straps so they take up almost no space in your bag. Yours for $70 plus shipping.

 G. LOOMIS NRX Spey rod 13/ #8/9 4 piece—Sick stick here. Don’t really want to get rid of it but there are more rods on the way and I can’t keep this. Moderately used. I would say it’s in excellent shape. It does not have a rod tube. Take advantage of a great deal. Yours for $650 plus shipping.

 TEMPLE FORK DEER CREEK SPEY ROD 14′ 7/8 weight four piece—Brand new stick. Charge the Ronde, the Clearwater, the Dean, and anywhere else for steelhead or Pacific or Atlantic salmon and you’d be good to go with this. Own it right now for $250 plus shipping. Rod case included.

ORVIS HELIOS 11′ 8-weight four piece switch/spey rod—The Helios is a legend. This rod has some days on Idaho’s Salmon River on it, but not many. Take advantage of a killer deal here. Great stick! Yours for $500 plus shipping. Sweet tube included.

LOOP OPTI 13′ 2″ 9/10-weight four piece—Tell me I’m crazy and I’ll tell you to tell me something I don’t know. This is a beautiful rod, a great rod, and it’s in great shape. Again, some days on Idaho’s Salmon River and a few on the Clearwater. That’s it. I want to keep this rod but I can’t keep them all. Make me cry. Yours for $500 plus shipping. Rod tube included.

COLLECTORS ROD, the ULTRA WAVE Curved Fly Rod 9′ 6-weight—Wicked weird rod here. If you are a collector you would want this. Strange design. When you get the correct motion, however, it launches. Do a little research, see if it’s a fit for you. Super lightly used, almost new. Price? I don’t know what they are going for. Let’s say $350 plus shipping.

SAGE XP 9′ 9-weight four piece—Don’t want to off this old friend either, but there are new sticks I have to try. I’ve packed this rod around a lot and it’s seen plenty of use, but I wouldn’t shy away from taking it anywhere. Still a great stick. Let’s say, yours for $200 plus shipping. Tube included.




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