Two Good Books Discounted Heavily

As you might surmise, I’m moving some product out of my way so I can actually find what I’m looking for every once in a while. I’ve got some boxes of two books that I wrote, one being first editions of Fly Fisher’s Guide to Montana, published in 1997, and the other being Fly Fisher’s Bible, Montana, published in 2006.

I’m super proud of each of these books. They condensed information from the time when I used to spend a couple hundred days a year on the water, roaming the state with my two Labradors, Moose and Shadow, and fishing at free-will. I interviewed all the top biologists in the state,  plus shop owners, guides, and outfitters to put together what I consider to be the best guide book written on the state’s great fisheries. But you can decide on your own.

Here are the prices:

Fly Fisher’s Guide to Montana, regularly $26.95, discounted to$15 plus shipping.

Fly Fisher’s Bible, Montana, regularly $24.95, discounted to $15 plus shipping.

Let me know if you want one and I’ll get one right out to you in time for the start of spring hatches. And I’ll sign it for you.

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