RIO Pike/Musky Lines and Leaders

If I had any plans to fish musky or pike in the near future, I’d be stocking up on RIO’s pike/musky line and their pike/musky leaders, which are a combination of heavy mono and wire with a metal clasp to secure them to the eye of the hook. The leaders have a mono loop that attaches to the fly line, which provides easy on/off ability when you need to swap out leaders. This is the combination that I took to the Yukon and it served really, really well. I threw the line off an 8-weight rod and the tapered line, with a heavy head section, turned over those leaders and the large, and sometimes heavy flies we were throwing. If you are heading out of the long-skinnies this fall, as the water cools, I would definitely take this line with you. If you are going to throw the leaders, make sure you stock  up before you head out on your trip. These are great leaders, but pike and musky do some serious damage to gear and you won’t get away with just one leader. In fact, I ran a little short during our trip and wished I’d had a few more. Next time I go I’ll have a dozen of these little beauties with me. There you go—take the RIO pike/musky line and the pike/musky leaders with you and, armed with a seven or eight-weight, you’ll be good to go.

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