Case Building With Bling

I’m working on the spring issue of Fly Rod and Reel magazine and we are reviewing a book called, The Trout Bohemia, written by Derek Grezelewski. He’s a New Zealand trout addict and he tells some compelling stories in his new read. I decided to get to know him  a little better so I visited his Web site and scrolled through some of his blog posts and found this little gem, a super artsy way to bring caddis flies into your life. I immediately thought, wow, I’ve got to do this with my daughters, and you may feel the same way. This is creativity on a super-cool level and I give props to the artist, Duprat, and to Grezelewski for sharing this post with all. I’ve attached an image and part of the post here. Visit Grezelewski’s site for the rest of the story.

The images above illustrate the results of an unusual artistic collaboration between the French artist Hubert Duprat and a group of caddisfly larvae. A small winged insect belonging to the order Trichoptera and closely related to the butterfly, caddisflies live near streams and ponds and produce aquatic larvae that protect their developing bodies by manufacturing cases from silk and incorporating substances—grains of sand, particles of mineral or plant material, bits of fish bone or crustacean shell—readily available in their environment. The larvae are remarkably adaptable: if other suitable materials are introduced into their environment, they will often incorporate those as well.

Duprat began working with caddisfly larvae in the early 1980s. An avid naturalist since childhood, he was aware of the caddis in its role as a favoured fly for trout fishermen, but his idea for the project depicted here began after he observed prospectors panning for gold in the Ariège river in southwestern France. After collecting the larvae from their normal environments, he relocates them to READ MORE

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