Redington’s Dually—Your Inexpensive Option for A Great Spey Rod

I’ve sang some praise for Redington’s Dually, especially after my trip to the Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula last September, fishing for Atlantic salmon. On that trip I threw Sage’s Method and Redington’s Dually and both performed great. The Dually, for some reason, seemed buttery to me, meaning it was pretty effortless to throw. It has a smooth stroke and plenty of power at the end. I loaded it with T-14 and largish Atlantic salmon flies and felt great being on the water with. I also loaded it with a Scandi line and threw that with an integrated head. Again, smooth. I threw the Dually again on Washington’s Skagit River in January and again was impressed. And I just got back from the OC (the Oregon Coast) where I was able to test the rod again. I still think the same thing: It’s sweet to throw. This is a rod, I believe, that almost any spey caster would be happy with, and at a price point of $250, nobody has an excuse not to give this effective style of fishing a go. Here is a vid from Redington showing the stick in action. Have you thrown the Dually? If so, please share your impressions with other AT patrons. Want to match this rod to a perfect line? String up a RIO Switchucker and you’re off to the races.

The Dually by Redington from Far Bank on Vimeo.

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