Alaska Senators Try to Strip EPA of Authority in Bristol Bay and Beyond

This is pretty scary news, especially because our elected officials are supposed to represent us, the public, and clearly these men are fighting for specific individuals and, likely, the dollars they provide for campaign efforts. So, just when you thought Bristol Bay might be saved, and that other waters could benefit by those efforts, too, here rise two men who are bent on ignoring the voices of the people. Lets hope their efforts are in vain.  FROM  NATIVE NEWS: Dillingham, AK- Wednesday, Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and David Vitter (LA) reintroduced legislation (SB 54) that would eliminate from the Clean Water Act a provision that authorizes EPA to limit or restrict discharge of dredged or fill material from mining deposits into waters of the United States. The provision, commonly known as 404(c), gives the agency authority to restrict permits at “any time,” if such development will have an “unacceptable adverse effect” on waterways or fisheries.

Do you think these guys have Alaska’s long-term future in regard? Not a chance.

Heeding the request by Bristol Bay Tribes, EPA commenced a three-year, comprehensive scientific assessment READ MORE

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