RIO’s Fly Line Selector App for Spey

I’ve been going through mounds of fly lines and shooting heads and running lines and it’s all so confusing, man. Can’t remember which lines go with which reels and which rods throw them best. Should have taken better notes. Now I’m getting gear together for winter steelhead and it’s an ordeal. But I  remembered a conversation that I had with Kara Armano, who works for Backbone Media and serves Sage and Redington, among other brands. In July, when we met in Orlando, she said, “Check out this new app for selecting lines.” I did and it is a nice tool when buying new lines, but it’s equally valuable for determining which of your existing lines go with particular rods. Basically, you choose your brand and model of rod, the style of fishing you’re going to do (spey for instance), and then you say, “Give it to me.” The app shows line options for your rod and you’re in business . . . meaning you can look at the empty line boxes for details and colors and then match the line to the rod. And this isn’t only about Sage and Redington rods. The line selector app lists rods from all manufacturers. Give it a look and cut some of the stress out of your angling life right now. RIO LINE SELECTOR



RIO Products Unveils Its Fly Line Selector App

Idaho Falls, Idaho (August 1, 2014) – RIO Products makes the connection to fish come easier for anglers whether it’s through its lines, leaders and tippet or through education on the consumer and dealer level. With that in mind, RIO recently launched its RIO Fly Line Selector App as an effective way to help anglers choose the right fly line every time.

“Here at RIO, we realize that there are a lot of fly lines on the market, and a great number of fly fishers are confused by the choices available,” says Simon Gawesworth, RIO brand manager. “We believe in making it easier for anglers to choose the right fly line for a given situation, and this app is the next step in our education process.”

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android, this free app starts by asking which type of rod theangler will use. It then leads participants through the rod make and model to water type, environmental conditions, geography, species, line density, and the specific application desired. Once each step is completed, the app offers line choices where users can dive deeper into the specifics of each line, visit RIO’s website, and even find the closest dealers to purchase the line.

Gawesworth adds “This app is an incredibly useful asset for retailers and consumers alike and certainly makes it very simple to choose the right fly line for most fishing situations. Imagine a specialty trout fly shop that has a customer come in asking for advice on a line for Dorado fishing in Argentina. With a few taps of the app, the perfect line will be revealed – ensuring both angler and retailer are happy.”

The app is now available to download from iTunes and Google Play; shortcut links to which can be found here:

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