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Spent some time in eastern Idaho this past summer as part of a Patagonia press junket that explained the merits of its new waders (more on that soon), and the advantages of tenkara rods for some situations.

Also got out on the water a bit with my friend Geoff Mueller, who works for the Drake magazine. I know, I know, you think magazine editors butt heads, and sometimes we do for good reason, but Mueller and I have known each other for a long time and when we spend time on the water it’s like hanging out with a like-minded bud. And he’s a good fisherman, which helps with my photo opps. So here are a few shots from the east Idaho trip, including a few images from a secret creek that I plan on spending a few days on this coming year, hiking the breadth of it, through some serious, serious griz country, just to find out what else might be swimming in there.

This one surprised me. I was fishing a smallish stream and was thinking nine-to 12-inchers when this beast crushed a fly. Fought like and looked like a summer run steelhead.

A nice little ‘bow from a small stream near Ashton.

Man, can you beat that for a summer night sky? East Idaho at its best.

After seeing, literally, about 30 of these piles in a mile hike in, we were wondering if we should even fish. You could hear, “Hey bear!” ringing out through the forest after every few steps.

Mueller with a nice brown.

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