The Grand Cascapedia This Year. Why Wouldn’t You?

I’ve been here, and written about the experience several times, but I probably didn’t describe it as well as this video does. Take a few minutes and soak this one in because, well, this could be you in fewer than six months. If you are a spey/steelhead/salmon addict, this is a lifelist must-do. Start looking at Salmon Lodge or Camp Bonaventure on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula for excellent options. Remember, in the early season you’ll see bright, grabby fish, but in fewer numbers than you would later in the season, which runs into early September. During late summer, you’ll see max numbers in these rivers, but fewer bright fish are present and the salmon can be disturbingly hesitant to bite. But, there isn’t a bad time to visit, and I’ve seen and hooked scads, even in the late season, so try to book a slot right away. Here you go, from Jeff Bright’s website, Also check out Salmon Lodge.

CampB SalmonLodge v2015-09-14 720 from Camp Bonaventure – Salmon Lodge on Vimeo.

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