Fall Fly Rod & Reel Cover

Took a great trip to Alberta, Canada in early August and came away with a slew of great images, including this scenic that we selected as Fly Rod & Reel’s 2016 fall cover.

I don’t think you can look at this image and not say, “I’d like to fish there,” and based on my experience north of the border, you do want to fish there. A friend and myself caught scads of cutthroat, a couple bull trout, and some really stunning rainbows. Along the way, as you likely saw in a previous post, I was able to shoot some landscapes. Alberta is big and beautiful for sure.

The fall issue should hit the shelves later this week or early next. Good stuff on Alberta, Pyramid Lake, kingfish mackerel in the Keys, a dude named The Beckman, and much more. Please let me know what you think of the image and the issue as a whole. Enjoy.

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