Yeti’s New “Brick” Bottle Opener

For those of you who have it all, meaning total gearheads like me, you might want to pick up the new Yeti Brick bottle opener which, if you add wheels, can double as a personal defense tank if we ever get invaded. To get one, however, you have to wait until tomorrow, when they officially go on sale.

This thing is solid, overbuilt for sure, but that brings on the possibilities. Constructed of cast stainless steel, and weighing 3/4th of a pound, the Brick will make quick work of bottle caps and I see it doubling up as a tent stake driver/tent stake puller, and a self defense tool if  another angler low-holes you and wants to make a statement about it.

Like all of Yeti’s products this is built to last and as long as you hang it on a dedicated nail, or stash it in a dedicated spot in the drift boat, you’ll get a lifetime of service for $49.99 Check it out at

At one a 3/4 pound bottle opener and a weapon.


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