Fly Rod & Reel: End of a Magazine Era

I headed Fly Rod & Reel magazine for about seven years, until 12 days ago when I got the dreaded, but somewhat expected, death sentence. That sentence arrived with a phone call from the owner of Down East Publications who said that I was being terminated immediately, not because he or the board of directors was unhappy with my work or the quality of the publication, but because they didn’t consider the fly-fishing industry’s support of the magazine to be sufficient. I wholeheartedly disagreed, and said so, but I’m not the one paying the bills.

Last issue of Fly Rod & Reel magazine.

So, with immediate termination, what comes next? That’s a good question but you can bet that one outcome will be an increased presence on Anglers Tonic. Being the editor of a magazine is a privilege and one that I took very seriously, but being released from the daily demands of the position—even if it is only for a short time—is a little refreshing, too. What I’m seeing in front of me right now is a blank canvas. Books? Another editor position inside or outside of fly fishing? A major push on Angler’s Tonic to make it the authority in the fly fishing digital field? Travel writing or bookings? Or do I take a different road, a completely different path?

I’ll be figuring this out over the next few weeks but, again, you’ll see more here soon. So, make sure you take a look at the spring issue of Fly Rod & Reel, my last of course, and what may very well be the final issue of the publication that anyone ever sees. You’ll notice a change in the layout, which looks busy in my opinion and was outside my control, but the quality of the content and writing is indisputable. Make sure to read the three essays I included in the mag, especially Jeff Day’s Whiskey Jacks, along with Chris Santella’s take on fishing GTs on Christmas Island. All good reads, for sure.

Thanks for all of your support of the magazine, and my work, over the past seven years, both industry folk and common readers. It was a good run.    GT

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