Review: Cabela’s Guidewear 1/2 Finger Gloves with Coolcore

I got a couple pair of Cabela’s Guidewear 1/2 finger gloves over a year ago and spent all last summer and fall in them. Why? Because owning nasty sun-scorched hands when you hit your 50s and 60s isn’t what I’m looking for. And, because I’m starting to really feel that all that sunblock and mosquito dope we’ve been putting on our bodies for all these years isn’t really that good for us. I blame my recent firing on DEET going straight to my brain.

So these gloves. They are super lightweight, highly durable and they actually do keep your hands cool in the sun, especially if you occasionally dunk them in the water, preferably when releasing a fish. Again, these gloves are built to combat the sun, but I also wear them during winter as a lightweight defense against the wind. I don’t know about your hands, but if I can keep the wind off the backs of my hands I’m usually pretty comfortable.

Save your skin . . . and keep warm when the wind is cold.

I’m so impressed with these gloves that I actually gave away a pair to an attractive gal on a recent trip in Texas. Although I didn’t get the outcome I had hoped for, I was happy to share and know that this gal will be happy with keeping her skin healthy and beautiful.

Spring is here. Summer not far off. Get yourself a pair of these and keep that skin safe. Mine are still going strong after 40 or 50 days on the water. $34.99


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