How to Can and Smoke Alaska Salmon, Family-Style

As you probably know, I’m a proponent of wild salmon, and that includes eating wild salmon to save wild salmon, the theory being, if there isn’t economic value to the fish, our elected leaders won’t do a damn thing to protect them. And, if wild fish become unimportant, toxic farmed salmon will rule.

Enough on that. To support my stand I’ll offer these images from a fun evening spent preparing and then packing salmon to be canned in glass containers. I think we must have processed over 150 pounds of Alaska sockeye and coho salmon, with all of the immediate family taking part. Want to talk about a fun, rewarding and memorable evening, full of laughs and jokes and a common purpose. I’m telling you, whether your packing salmon or cutting up an elk, or grinding buffalo for burger, or making grouse pies, or canning berries or vegetables there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from that independence, a brief cold shoulder to the grocery store and our standard supply chain. I’ll do more of this soon, with my girls next time. Hope you enjoy the images and that you, too, are enjoying a great holiday season with friends and family. And please let me know what you like doing with preparation of foods and e-mail pics if you’ve got them.

That’s right, that’s right, that is a lot o’ salmon ready to be made awesome.

Cutting to size and attaching rope.


These little buddies are ready for the smoke.

Get ready for a ride to the canning station.

Just about ready to eat.

Ready to roll.

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