Best Travel Dog Bowls

Got the new pup in February, right before the virus hit, which means I had good timing. Can’t go anywhere? What better than to hike with a new dog?

Of course, getting a new dog meant getting all the accoutrements one requires. Dog kennel. Leather dog collar. Seat hammock. Memory foam bed. Yea, Rye is spoiled. So spoiled that I actually got him some of fishpond’s solidly built leather travel bowls, which are collapsable for easy storage. One is a food bowl and the other a water bowl. I have crammed them into a backpack and taken them into remote waters with me and they’re perfect for that type of activity. I use them at home, too.

Officially called the Bow Wow Travel Bowls, they are lightweight and built with a rugged waxed cotton exterior and a heavy-duty waterproof, leakproof lining. The Bow Wow food bowl has a drawstring that cinches so that any food that isn’t eaten at one time can be utilized later—i.e. it won’t be scattered all over the back of your rig.

If you’ve got a bird dog and you’re taken he or she to the training grounds, or to the field beginning Sept. 1, these bowls will serve you well. And they are affordable: $29.95 each. Check them out at

Cinch it up and fishponds Bow Wow food bowl contains the grub, even if it flips over in the backseat or the bed of the truck.



Fishpond’s Bow Wow water bowl keeps your dog in the drink all day long, and it easily collapses for easy transportation into the field.

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