Patagonia’s “It’s All Homewater” Volume 3: Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness

I haven’t fished the Boundary Waters. Had a chance to last year and opted out. I’ll regret that for a long time, for sure. Like, the rest of my life. Being a fan of adventure, often solo, and the need to be in truly

wild areas, I imagine I would really like the Boundary Waters and all they have to offer. Patagonia has a new film out—part of their “It’s All Homewaters” series, that focuses on Boundary Waters and what they have to offer wilderness seekers and anglers.

Of course, the film also points out that a mine is proposed on the edge of the Boundary Waters that threatens to pollute the area for 500 or more years. In other words, if something happens we can kiss that potential for solitude, and some of our country’s best fishing, goodbye.

If you love wild places take a few minutes to check out Patagonia’s video on Boundary Waters and what’s at stake. Some of the footage is very compelling.

Action:  The Boundary Waters Wilderness Protection and Pollution Prevention Act addresses the urgent need to protect 234,328 acres in the Superior National Forest from copper-nickel mining development. Call on Congress to support this bill and protect the Boundary Waters for generations to come, via Patagonia Action works—GT



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