Two Great Fly Boxes, Orvis and Tacky, for 2021

Let’s just say someone failed you. Went through the stocking. Opened all those presents. And not a fly box to be found. Say what? Just where in the hell do you want me to store all those patterns I’m tying this weekend, you may have asked. On the kitchen counter? On your nightstand? In your slippers?

No fear brothers. If you didn’t get what you asked for, there should be no fear n buying what you need. If you are tying maniac, and thinking ahead to spring and summer days, here are three boxes that do a good job of holding multiple small dries and a serious squadron of nymphs.

¬†Orvis Ultralight Foam Fly Box ($21.95):What not to like? The large box measures just 6 1/4″ X 3/34″ and can house 256 small, size 16, 18, and 20 flies that nestle into interior micro slits. The box has four magnetic tabs at the corner for safe storage, and the box floats when/if you drop it in the water. Thinking about hike-in rivers and high mountain lakes? This is the perfect lightweight option. And at this price, why not buy two, one lime green for nymphs and the other, gray, for your select dries.

Orvis Ultralight Fly BOx

Tacky, The Original 2X Fly Box ($29.95):This hard-plastic box is a little heavier than Orvis’ foam boxes, but it also seals with magnets at each corner and holds a staggering 336 flies, which means if you can’t catch a fish with that many patterns, you don’t deserve to. This box is built for small nymphs and dries, too; read, no bushy stoneflies dries live here. Slotted foam is used to nestle flies securely in the Original 2X. Get after it. Tie up tie up two-dozen PTs, a couple dozen Lightning Bugs, some Hare’s Ears, GIEs, and then all the dries you want. Fill ‘er up and you’ll be significantly matched against Rocky Mountain trout.

Tacky The Original 2X fly box. Holds several hundred flies and keeps them safe with a hard-plastic exterior.

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