Simms and 10 Barrel Brewing Collaborate to Save the Gallatin River

The Gallatin River is under extreme pressure due to population growth in and around Bozeman, Mont., but a collaboration between Simms Fishing Products and 10 Barrel Brewing should help shed light on just what this river needs to survive.

And, because a portion of proceeds from the sale of 10 Barrel’s Reel Good Summer Ale will go to Trout Unlimited’s Home Rivers Initiative, the Gallatin could see some direct benefit from your choice of suds.

Having been sent a sample sixer, I can tell you that Reel Good is refreshing and hits the spot. 10 Barrel describes the beer as a, “Kolsh-style summer ale brewed using traditional methods and subtle champagne-like fermentation that boasts a clean, crisp and balanced taste that pairs perfectly with long sunny days on the water.” The beer is available in major grocery chains and numerous pubs and restaurants and you can check out 10 Barrel’s Beer Finder to see where it’s sold in your neighborhood.

If you’ve driven past or stopped to fish in Gallatin County of late, whether on the Madison, Gallatin or other streams, you would already know that population growth is crazy and that these rivers are seeing unprecedented use by a variety of groups. Paddleboarders. Kayakers. Tubers. Sunbathers. Dog walkers/swimmers. Rafters. Driftboaters. Fly-fishers. Jam-packed access points . . . . Drive along the Madison on a hot spring or summer day—when a good hatch is coming off, say Mother’s Day caddis, and you might wonder if there’s enough water left for one more boat. Obviously, some sort of solution is needed to save the Gallatin River and other waters, and this collaboration, in addition to TU’s Home Rivers Initiative, at the very least points a spotlight on the issue.

Don’t think it’s real? This was the scene two weeks ago at the mouth of the Beartrap Canyon. Other access sites? Ditto. Packed to the gills.

Strick Walker, Simms’ Chief Marketing Officer, said, “. . . we’re really looking forward to this partnership to shed more light on conservation efforts and initiatives we have going on right here in our own backyard of Bozeman, Montana.”

Andy Goggins, 10 Barrel’s marketing director said, “When we started concerting this lightweight, easy-drinking summer ale, we though Simms would be our perfect partner. We all love to get out on the rivers, fish, and finish it off at the end of the day with a perfect complement—a Reel Good. The collaboration between 10 Barrel and Simms, and enjoying life on the river provides perfect synergy. We’re also excited to collaborate with Trout Unlimited with a percentage of all sales benefitting the Home Rivers Initiative.”

Simms is located just off the Gallatin River west of Bozeman and 10 Barrel holds court in Bend Oregon. To see more about either company check out Simms’ conservation efforts and partnerships HERE.  Check out 10 Barrel HERE.




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