Mustad, Dai-Riki or Gamakatsu Hooks

Bad day with Dai Riki

Sat down at the vice and banged out a few GIE’s the other day. Had  a few completed and then I noticed an issue. The Dai-Riki hooks weren’t one piece. They had a gap at the hook eye. Some of the hooks tried to be one, but the eye of the hook became thin before it returned to the hook. Does that make sense? Some of the hook eyes didn’t even make it back to the hook. I’m thinking if I hook a fish on any of these size-14 scud hooks, especially if it’s a pig, I’m losing it.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you encountered problems like these with Dai-Riki? Or was it a single, bad batch? I’m thinking this must have been an isolated example. To go a little further, which hooks do you like best? I’d love to get some feedback on this to help all of us. I’ve got to go out and replace these hooks. What should I get? Thanks, in advance, everyone, for your feedback.

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