Great Moments With Fire, 2

I’ve got a bud up in the Great White North, the Fisherman’s Paradise, Canada you know. He’s a crack shot with a moose rifle, I’m told, and I am personal witness to his skills with a camera.

Geoff Moore lives in Williams Lake, British Columbia, follows Angler’s Tonic, and often shares his images with me. After seeing the Great Moment’s With Fire Post, he bombarded AT with images, one-upping me in the quality photo department, although I did note a lack of fire-jumping shots in his portfolio. Moore and I plan to fish British Columbia this year, probably somewhere remote, and likely at a place with an open fire, so I expect to help him out with that diminished portion of his image library. Anyway, he and I are meeting in San Francisco in April and we’ll discuss the details of that trip there, probably while taking in the Giants/A’s game.

Generously, Moore allowed me to share his fire images—which have been infiltrating my e-mail—with Tonic patrons. So here you go, straight from the north country and Geoff Moore at the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association. Thanks, Geoff.


Ok, this has nothing to do with fire, except that this ice cold version of one of my favorite beverages would be great when staring into the coals. Sweet shot from Moore.

If this doesn’t say Memorial Day weekend in the Pacific Northwest I don’t know what does. Big outdoor plans and a dour, rain-soaked camp with a smoldering fire to boot.

Looks like Moore got into the silvers.

You think the theater is cool? I’ll take this view any day.


You can have your five-star hotel room. For me, there’s nothing like a tent and a fire to say romance is near. Um, yea, I know, maybe that’s the problem.

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