Men’s Journal: Save NW Salmon Now!

I love it when mainstream media covers outdoor subjects and Men’s Journal, which reaches an astronomical number of subscribers, did just that recently, in a piece on dwindling salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest.

They focused on the Idaho’s Salmon River, one of my favorite steelhead rivers, but they covered other streams as well. This bodes well for any hopes to return WILD salmon and steelhead to former abundance. Thanks to Greg Stahl at Idaho Rivers United for sending a heads-up. Here’s a teaser. Click below for the entire read.

by Kevin Gray

Riggins, Idaho, population 410, is a scenic town, hugging a turn in the Salmon River. The river, locals say, was once so full of Chinook salmon that people joked you could cross it on their backs. During spawning season, “they made such a racket that you couldn’t sleep at night,” says Rexann Zimmerman, the 59-year-old owner of the Hook, Line, and Sinker tackle and liquor store. “Now they’re something rare and precious.”

The Columbia River Basin, encompassing parts of Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon, was once   Read The Men’s Journal Article HERE

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