For Sale: Gear

I’ve got some gear that needs to move and I’m selling it in the old fashioned way—by e-mail and shipping. If you are interested in any of these items I can give you the details and provide images if needed. I’m offering these to Tonic patrons first before sending the word via ebay or whatever else. Hope all of you have some interest and want to take advantage of good deals. Let me know. I can give you history of use and what these items are best used for.

Books? Got a ton of them, literally, and I have to make room for the girls’ bikes, soccer goals, basketball hoops, hoola-hoops, etc. Questions: e-mail at



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2 Responses to For Sale: Gear

  1. Andrew Thomas says:

    what kind of books do you have?

  2. jim says:

    I want to learn how to spey cast and I like green fly rods…I lost an awesome Winston from my raft this year in the first 25 yds below the put in at Raynolds pass :(
    Do you still have the 14′ 8/9 and would it be a good rod to learn and fish the area with?


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