Nowhere for Shale Oil To Go

At this point British Columbia doesn’t want it and Quebec doesn’t want it either, which shows that a few people in the world still have some sense and that the short term economic benefits that come with dirty oil can’t make up for the lasting environmental impact. If you are not up to speed on the potential impacts to our fisheries that shale oil offers, start with this piece and move on to the British Columbia debacle. This is pure disaster waiting to happen.

CALGARY — Premier Alison Redford said Thursday she’s hoping for an open conversation with Quebec after that province’s environment minister threatened roadblocks to Alberta oil.

Daniel Breton said this week there are environmental risks to projects proposed around existing infrastructure that are intended to bring western Canadian oil, including bitumen, to Montreal refineries.

The Parti Quebecois cabinet minister said Quebec would have final say over the pipeline plans by Enbridge Inc. and TransCanada Corp no matter the position of the National Energy Board.

Redford — who has made interprovincial cooperation in a Canadian energy strategy a cornerstone policy of herRead more:

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