Idaho’s Silver Creek Restoration Plan Approved

Most of you probably know that I spent six years living in the Sun Valley area, fishing Silver Creek as often as possible, which meant more than a hundred days a year, some years.

I still consider it to be the most interesting fishery in the West, as well as the most challenging—those fish are picky, wary, and anything but the perfect match of stealth and proper fly sends them away.

So, I thought this news very interesting and figured all of you would enjoy it, too. Read up on the new plan at Silver Creek and get yourself to Sun Valley if you want to truly test your angling skills.

After months of navigating through an extensive permit process, backers of the largest Silver Creek restoration project ever won their final permit yesterday.

FROM  the Twin Falls Times News

Blaine County commissioners unanimously approved the permit after a lengthy public hearing in Hailey.

“For the 22 or 23 years I’ve lived here, people have been asking me, ’What are you going to do about the sediment in Kilpatrick Pond?’” said Commissioner Larry Schoen. “This is clearly an area that the community cares about.”

Silver Creek has long been a sacred site for fly fishers and outdoorsmen because of its slow current, insect hatches and spring-fed waters. But the past 100 years have not been kind to the area.

Rising water temperatures have created stressful conditions for trout, much of which is caused by growing sediment build-up. The creek’s man-made Kilpatrick Pond has become shallow, and water temperatures increase almost READ THE REST OF THE STORY

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