You Write the Caption—2

Shot this photo while sitting in a drift boat on Montana’s Beaverhead River a few years ago. The two culprits in this image are Dan Summerfield, arms spread wide, and Jed Fitzpatrick who runs Sula Fly Fishing and typically guides on the Bitterroot River. As you can see from the ominous clouds, we beat a hasty path off the water while watching this storm roll in. No need to tempt lightning. You know the Beav—big rainbows and browns, sometimes in really good numbers, although they are as picky as your ex-wives and husbands, and can be hit and miss depending on their moods. Would love to see your captions for this one. Thanks, in advance, for participating. GT

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7 Responses to You Write the Caption—2

  1. Malachi says:

    “We still don’t know how big the deer was… all we could see were those strange green shorts”

  2. “You gotta be shittin’ me that’s the last beer!”

  3. Dan Provo says:

    So….. after what I believe was my 8th DoubleHaul IPA, I decided WTF; took what I thought, was this slim babe back to her home. The next thing I remember, my face is buried in an “arse” this big….

  4. Trent Kleppen says:

    “It was a large silver disc, and there was a light … and then I was sitting on a stump in the Dickie Bridge Campground, clutching a splintered South Bend Finalist and a half-eaten Rice Krispy treat … I’m not comfortable talking about where my waders went or why “they” thought the Big Hole was an appropriate drop-off point …”

  5. Dan Provo says:

    So I’m lighting this candle in the bathroom after a night of Microbrews and venison chili when all of a sudden…………

  6. Jim Murphy says:

    “Dude, there’s no way you’re going to get a wave started at a fishing access. Chill out and have a beer.”

  7. John Fitzpatrick says:

    So we come around the corner and this frickn beaver comes out of the willows and it’s like RAWRR…

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