fishPond’s Wildhorse Tech-Pack

All Day Capacity

I spent last winter wandering around western Washington with this pack on my back, casting to sea-run cutthroats and chasing steelhead on big rivers.

At first I was ready to dismiss the pack as a burden, but then I cinched the adjustable waist and shoulder straps and the pack made sense: I comfortably carried in the back of the pack a 35mm camera body with a fisheye lens and two telephoto lenses, plus various other small items, including a light rain jacket, several shooting heads, a water bottle, and a flask.

For those who fish from a boat or just wander a little ways off the highway, this pack might be overkill. For those who hit it hard and spend full days on the water accessing remote runs, this thing solves the pack-it-along mystery.

The specs: the Wildhorse offers 1,343 cubic inches in the backpack portion and it supplies a variety of pockets (eight in all), including fold down fly trays. Loops and tags offer places to pinch forceps and other paraphernalia. Inside anglers find four interior pockets. In addition, this pack offers two integrated rod tube holders. If you want to carry a lot of water with you there’s an option to purchase and implement a 100-ounce water bladder.

There were only a couple deficiencies I found in this pack. First, with all the weight I carry, meaning camera equipment, I wish the waist straps cinched a little tighter. Also, the lower side pockets are difficult to access and almost impossible to zip closed with one hand. I thought the front fold-down fly trays may be a little bulky and in the way of a spey style cast but the pack proved me wrong.

Overall, this is a pack to own if you go hardcore and spend full days, from the time you leave the pickup to the time you get back, on the water. Check out this pack at

Retail: $199

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