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I’m a bit overwhelmed, like most, with all the social media we have eating up our time, but Instagram is pretty cool and something that I am using almost on a daily basis. Here’s a quick bit on why I think you should use it, too, and why you might want to follow the Angler’s Tonic Instagram feed. What is Instagram? It’s a way of taking images with a phone and immediately posting them to the Instagram site for all to see. In addition, I can post the same image instantaneously to the Angler’s Tonic Facebook page, and send directly to the e-mail addresses of my choice. What does this mean for you? It means that you can follow the AT Instagram feed and periodically receive alerts on your phone that indicate I’ve posted another image. Again, I think most of social media eats up our time and limits our productivity. But Instagram is really a lot of fun, it’s easy, too, and all of us can be quite creative by using a provided set of filters that tweak and enhance our images. And it’s free. And by the way, there are currently 80 million users. Here’s how to get started. Go to the Instagram Web site and  sign up for the app from the Apple store or from Google. Once you’re onboard, hit the icon at the bottom of the page that looks like a star. In the search bar type in anglerstonic. That will bring up my page and you can choose to Follow. You can check your homepage whenever you want to see what I’ve posted and what other people you choose to follow have posted. Or you can set up an alert so each time I post you get a chime or a visual on your phone’s homescreen. Let me know if you have any questions. I think you’ll really enjoy this. And if you like my images make sure to hit the like button or leave a comment. Should be fun for all of us. Here are some example images from my page.

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