Willie’s Handcrafted Montana Moonshine

Just as I was leaving Ennis, Montana, after seven years, my neighbors sank their teeth into a big-time project—to finance and build a craft distillery in little old Ennis, right next to the banks of the Madison River. They got their financing and have weathered a series of challenges that come along with the liquor business in Montana. And I think they’d tell you it was worth it—just a couple weeks ago those friends, Robin and Willie Blazer, announced the availability of their first product, Willie’s Hand Crafted Montana Moonshine. They tout their offering as an unaged whiskey that can be used to replace whiskey or vodka in a drink. Or it can be sipped over ice.

The unfortunate thing is that you can’t order this by mail. You have to show up in Ennis to get your hands on a bottle. But that isn’t so bad. January can be a tough month for fishing on the Madison, but some days in February aren’t too bad and by March things are starting to rock (can you say, bring egg imitations and flashback pheasant tails to the river). When you go into Ennis next time make sure to make your trek to the east end of mainstreet and drop in for a taste of the shine. The tasting room is open from 12 to 6 Wednesday through Sunday. And look for more products from Willie’s Distillery coming soon. Check them out online at www.williesdistillery.com

Traffic jam, Ennis style, outside Willie’s Distillery on Main Street.


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