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More Canned Beer for River Floats

Show up for a float down the river with a six pack of bottled beer and everyone knows right away what you are: A rookie. That’s right. Bottles are kryptonite to a quality float trip because 1) they can break … Continue reading

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Shaun Lawson’s Mega-Flask

Spent some good hours in Bozeman a few weeks ago, in particular a few hours with the Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures crew and their friends. We were celebrating the release of Confluence Films’ Waypoints and we were set to see … Continue reading

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DRINK OF THE WEEK: Screech Rum’s Dark & Dirty

You might want to whip up a few drinks with Screech tonight, not because it’s always best to party on a Monday, but because there will be Monday Night Football on TV and because, if you are an Oakland Raiders … Continue reading

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Bottom Shelf Bourbon Whiskey: Old Crow

Was dancing around the net this morning when I came across this post on cheap booze. It happens that my grandfather drank Old Crow and, somehow, I took a like to the stuff, too. Best about this whiskey is it’s … Continue reading

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NYC Pub Crawl . . . with permission

Saw these signs in Manhattan, NYC and thought they would give you guys a laugh. I was there last month to meet with people from Canada to figure out what trips might be appealing and most beneficial for them and … Continue reading

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Willie’s Handcrafted Montana Moonshine

Just as I was leaving Ennis, Montana, after seven years, my neighbors sank their teeth into a big-time project—to finance and build a craft distillery in little old Ennis, right next to the banks of the Madison River. They got … Continue reading

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Pacific Lamprey? I Did Not Know

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest almost my entire life and I either forgot about Pacific lamprey eels or I never knew about them in the first place. I’m always on the hunt for information on waters and fish and … Continue reading

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Cocktails at the Fairmont, San Francisco

Going through tax info this past week and found this receipt from San Fran, when I was there attending a Canada gathering and figuring out where I would visit this year. The thing is, this is a tab for two, … Continue reading

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Classic Sonics/Classic Rainier Beer Commercial

You probably won’t get this video unless you grew up in Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s when Bill The Beerman was revving up crowds, leading cheers, selling beer, and becoming a local icon. That was when the Seahawks were … Continue reading

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Drink of the Week with guest host George Cook

There are two things that stick with me after filming and watching this video. First, Cook likes pomegranate martinis. And, second, he really would prefer to be a ventriloquist. Enjoy.

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