Classic Sonics/Classic Rainier Beer Commercial

You probably won’t get this video unless you grew up in Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s when Bill The Beerman was revving up crowds, leading cheers, selling beer, and becoming a local icon. That was when the Seahawks were in the AFC kicking Denver’s ass all the time and the Sonics were vying for titles every year. Sikma, DJ, Gus Williams, Lonnie Shelton, Downtown, JJ …

I pulled this ad out of the closet because it says something about how good Seattle sports used to be and what it has become—the Seahawks are stuck in mediocrity. The M’s are almost a lost cause because the can’t score. The Huskies have no defense. And the Sonics—they’re gone. So on the eve of the OKC Thunder’s ride into the NBA finals I thought this might soften the blow. We all know which team is going to the finals—the Sonics—but we just can’t cheer for them. Go Celtics…if they make it past Labron. Knock that lanky-ass Kevin Durant right off the court. Clip that hard landing Westbrook. Rub Derick Fisher’s bald head against the basket support. And if anyone has a chance to kick Clay Bennett in the testicles, do so please. Ditto for David Stern.

Got to love the “Rave.”

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