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Shaun Lawson’s Mega-Flask

Spent some good hours in Bozeman a few weeks ago, in particular a few hours with the Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures crew and their friends. We were celebrating the release of Confluence Films’ Waypoints and we were set to see … Continue reading

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Confluence Films’ Waypoints Debuts November 8

Nobody would tell you that Jim Klug doesn’t throw a good party. I’ve been involved in enough of those frays to say, firsthand, that hanging with that boy, the producer at Confluence Films,  can be a lot of fun. There’s … Continue reading

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The World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Bars

Hookers, Painkillers, and Soggy Dollars. Must be fishing and drinking wrapped into one. Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures just came out with their new, wet off the presses catalogue and it’s worth getting your hands on one whether you can afford … Continue reading

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Yellowdog Fly Fishing Adventures screaming deal

Yellowdog’s Screaming Deal at Turneffe Flats Lodge Tough time to be away from the Rockies. I know that from experience; I just got back from five weeks in Seattle, British Columbia and Alaska; and, a few years ago, I took … Continue reading

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