Yeti’s Rambler and Tumbler—my go-to beverage delivery system

You won’t know how badly you needed one of these Yeti Ramblers until you get one in your hands and fill it  with whatever strikes you as the perfect beverage at that moment. One-hundred degree day and you’re cruising up some dusty dirt road in the middle of nowhere in that old Chevy without AC? Or is it the middle of winter steelhead season and cold enough to freeze your eyelids together, not to mention your family jewels off? No matter. This Rambler (30 oz.) or its brother, the Tumbler (20 oz.), keeps liquid hot or cold (especially with ice cubes added into the cold equation) for hours. In fact, in some cases you can leave this thing in your rig, fish all day, and come back to a cup of coffee that’s still lukewarm or 30 ounces of water that’s ice cold.

I’ve been using these two products since last July when I was given one at the ICast show. Even in the Orlando heat the Tumbler kept a gin and tonic ice cold for a couple hours while I rested next to the pool. And the tumbler is THE WAY to go when you’re starting off early, driving for several hours to a stream. Coffee for days.

I not only use these on fishing trips, but they are my mainstays at home, too. Mostly I go with the Tumbler because it doesn’t tower over my desk. But when I want to make sure I get enough water in me each day, I just keep the Rambler at hand and burn through the ounces, 30 at a time.

Believe me, if you’re an outdoorsman, you need one of these. More info at YETI

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