Fly Rod & Reel Fall Issue

If you haven’t seen it yet, hit your favorite newsstand and pick up a copy of the new fall issue of Fly Rod & Reel. We busted our tails putting this one together and we have a long list of great contributors who appear in its pages, a who’s who of fly fishing writers, photographers and artists—John Gierach, Ted Leeson, Kirk Deeter, AD Maddox, Fred Thomas, Dave Hughes, Zach Matthews, Don Thomas, Pat Ford, Seth Norman, Ted Williams, Tosh Brown, David Skok, Bob White and Dana Sturn.

And no matter your interests, I think you’ll find some compelling reads in this one. For instance, I penned a piece on the “misery” of snook fishing off Florida’s sand beaches; Kirk Deeter explains how he caught a hundred pounds of Louisiana redfish in four casts; Ted Leeson offers the best in new fly tying tools and gadgets; Don Thomas wins the Robert Traver Writing Award with a piece on Wyoming trout, New York art bitches, and Labrador retrievers; Dan Sturn shows us some killer new tube flies for chinook and steelhead; Tosh Brown and David Skok team up to show us where and how to catch fall stripers; Ted Williams explains the greatest threat to public lands access; Dave Hughes gets after trout with streamers thrown off bamboo, of all things; Gierach crushes cutthroat on Idaho’s Snake River; and we select our best gear of the year, a mix of new and time-tested olds.

If it’s rainy and miserable where you live this weekend, stoke a fire and give this a read. If the weather is good, get out there and catch some fish! And please, let me know what you think of the issue. Your feedback is gold to me. Thanks. GT.

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2 Responses to Fly Rod & Reel Fall Issue

  1. Loving the new issue. Your poor damn feet looked painful! I don’t care what anyone says I always wear foot protection from the sand to the flats and even the Colorado Rockies when I am guiding, anyone who says otherwise can KMA! Rookies guides at my fly shop every year like to “wet-wade” on the trips they are guiding…well do you want to know how many times some client has hooked my waders when I am guiding? especially on wade fly fishing trips! The E Donnall Thomas Jr. piece was another really good piece.

    Greg, on another note I have a piece in the new sept/oct issue of The Pointing Dog Journal that I hope you get to read. As an Editor and bird hunter I think you will like it.
    I also have a Feature piece coming out in the Jan./Feb. issue of Eastern Fly Fishing on Delray Beach, Florida and fly fishing from the beach chasing Snook.
    Thanks for another enjoyable issue of FR&R.

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