Last Chance for Fall Caddis

It’s getting pretty late in the game now for October caddis, but you may still find some flying around in western Montana and northern Idaho. If you do, don’t worry about matching them too specifically. In fact, general representations should work well, i.e. oversized elk-hair caddis and stimulators. If you find some picky fish, dig a little deeper and try to turn up a specific imitation or, better yet, of just underneath with soft-hackles or a caddis pupa. They can’t say no because the weather is telling these cutthroats that it’s time to eat before winter sets in.

Here are some choices for the upcoming week where you might find some caddis flying.

Blackfoot River, Montana

Clark Fork River, Montana

Rock Creek, Montana

St. Regis River, Montana

St. Joe River, Idaho

Kelly Creek, Idaho

Moyie River, North Idaho

Selway River, Idaho


And here are some pics from my most recent outing where fall caddis were present. Easy pickings, even in a half-day.

Try to tell me this isn’t a perfect fish. Beautiful. Strong. The most perfect condition of the year. Catch a few of these beauties and you’ll say, “That was a great day.”

Idaho and Montana offer great fall fishing for anglers who like matching Baetis and October caddis. Your window for these hatches is winding down so my suggestion is to hit the water this week or weekend, before the next round of really cold weather hits. There are plenty of choices on well known rivers and smaller streams. Consult a local fly shop for more details.


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