The Color of Steelhead

I think it’s interesting how, many times, we can tell what a person is fishing for and where just by the color of the flies they carry with them. A spring box in Montana is all about worms, skwalas and blue-wing olives. A fall box from Idaho has October caddis and Baetis stamped all over it. Henry’s Fork in June? PMDs, maybe some salmon flies, brown drakes and caddis galore. Lenice in May and June—a cluster of damsels. Here’s a shot from my recent trip to British Columbia and this pile of flies screams nothing but, STEELHEAD! Love the color mix. If I only could pick one fly from the tangle it would be pink. Pink means steelhead. But it sure is nice to throw blacks and blues and reds and purples some days. Got a favorite color for metal? Share it with us and your reasons why. GT

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