Killer Video: Alaska’s Angler’s Alibi Lodge

I was doing a little research today and came across this great video from Angler’s Alibi Lodge in Alaska. My question is this: how can a dedicated angler watch this video and not want to pick up the phone and book a trip. Alaska, as many of you know, is a place close to my heart, and the place that I’ve spent a great deal of time (can I ever forgive my parents from moving me from Petersburg, Alaska to Hollywood, California?). Well, the answer is yes because those years in Hollywood made my dad one of the best wildlife artists—and artists in general—on the planet. And, fortunately, my parents took my sister and I back to Alaska every summer of our youth. And, when I was 16 I went to Alaska on my own and started working in the Alaska commercial fisheries, wandering the remote sections of Southeast in a 32-foot double ender. Anyway, take a couple minutes here and count it as time well spent, whether you’re able to book a trip this year or not. The moose and bear footage, alone, is worth seeing. The fishing scenes are a big bonus.

Anglers Alibi 2014 from Angler’s Alibi on Vimeo.

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