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As most of you know I serve as American Angler’s editor in chief and put together six issues a year.  Currently I’m working on the July/August issue, which has a bunch of great stories, including one I’m writing about my trip last sumer to British Columbia’s Dean River. If you like spey rods, big rivers, bulky chinook salmon and chrome-bright steelhead, you’ll want to read. And, I wanted to let you know that I put together an American Angler “newsletter” that you’ll see at least monthly and maybe more.

In the meantime, the May/June issue is on the shelves, or what’s left of the shelves nowadays. If you can’t find the mag in a store, you can get a pretty good sneak preview by visiting and hitting the Bent To The Cork icon on the right hand sidebar. This edition of the “newsletter” offers John Gierach’s most recent AA article describing memorable road trips. It also offers Dana Sturn’s take on fly fishing British Columbia’s interior lakes for rainbow trout, the bigger the better. It’s a unique take measuring the merits of hatchery fish from a guy who treasures nothing more in the world thanks native salmon and steelhead. There’s also a piece I wrote a while back on the names we choose for flies, with a nod to the good old Merkin. There’s more, too, so get on over and check it out and subscribe to get more angling content delivered to your inbox. —GT

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2 Responses to Get Bent To The Cork by American Angler, A Great Fly Fishing Newsletter

  1. STEPHEN H. JACOBS says:

    I was a long time subscriber to American Angler; I got the notice of discontinuation of the magazine and I thought I signed up for “Bent to the Cork” email newsletter but I have not gotten it. I see that you have my wife’s email instead of mine. I have tried to sign up again using my email but the sign-up form says “there are errors below”. I really want to get the newsletter. My email is I hope this can be arranged.
    Stephen Jacobs

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Stephen, The newsletter and AA’s digital presence died with American Angler’s print edition. No more Bent To The Cork. However, I am having some work done to my site right now to add a store and get an AT newsletter going. So keep an eye on the site over the next two months and you should see a new signup form and a great newsletter. Thanks for your interest.

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