Mouse in The House—Protecting Your Fly Tying Materials

I guess this is why you don’t leave your fly tying materials in the garage, mostly unprotected by a cardboard shoe box. I remember thinking I should bring that box out of the garage and into the house, but somewhere along the line, probably around 5 p.m. some day, I just forgot.

I knew there was a mouse in the house (or in this case the garage) but I couldn’t capture that little troublemaker, with traps or with poison. But he did perish—he fell into my Yeti bucket and couldn’t make it up the slippery sidewalls. End of mouse, but not before my tying materials took a beating.  Live and learn.

Because most of us are home right now, with more time on our hands than we’re used to, it might be a good time to go through your materials and if they aren’t protected you could transfer them into sealable plastic bins or some other protective vessel that a mouse or a packrat or a dog, etc., can’t get into. Hackles aren’t cheap and they probably aren’t getting cheaper anytime soon, so it makes sense to protect.—GT

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