Review: Loon Camo Drop Sinkers Get Down To Big Fish

I’m not sure how excited a guy or gal should be about split shot, but I think I’ve found my split-shot solution: Loon’s Camo Drops are made of tin, not lead (meaning they are non-toxic), they come in a variety of volume and container options, and they sink like rocks, straight towards bottom, which is exactly where I want my nymphs ‘bout this time of the year.

Camo Drops can be purchased in square containers that hold six or eight shot sizes, depending on your preferences and what you fish for. And these containers slip nicely into a pack and are easy to locate and handle, even when I’m grabbing by feel. The tins range in size from golf balls to bird seed—6, 4, 1, BB, AB, AAA, SA, SSG and 2SSG—allowing you to match the weight to the water depth and speed to reach a desired depth.

Loon’s Camo Drops come in camo or black coloration. I don’t know if camo makes a huge difference to our success, but they look pretty stealthy and you can’t deny that standard split shot in silvery coloration cold spook fish. Camo Drops have a matte finish so they don’t flash in the water. And, in high and dirty water conditions, like we are seeing now, they definitely blend into their surroundings. Camo Drops are billed as reusable, although I can’t remember using one twice.

I was reading a review of the Camo Drops and someone said the tins only hold to a line for a couple of casts and slip off. But I have not experienced that at all. In fact I’ve had better success with these split shot staying put on the line, and not sliding, than any other shot I’ve ever used. I figure whoever wrote the review probably tried to attach the shot to a heavy line and the tin never really grabbed.

Again, you can buy these drops in a variety of containers, but the large, square 8-division format is my favorite. You can also buy refill tubs to reload your 8-division container when one or more sizes runs low ($6.50). Or you can buy the refill tubs with the sizes of shot you prefer and fill out the 8-division container with, say, your two or three most preferred shot sizes. The Camp Drops are worth trying out and sinking a few in your favorite stream. Salmonflies are crawling around on several Montana streams right now, and these Drops are going to help me get my nymphs in the bite zone.

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