Image of The Week: Sod Clod

There’s something interesting about this image that you may not see at first glance. And it may remind you of your own swing. Take a look and have a good laugh. By the way, this is how I regard golf: It’s a good thing to do before a hatch starts or after a hatch ends and the fish are down, but I never take it seriously and figure why would I? I don’t practice the game and only participate with friends who invite me along. Without standard practice, why would I be any good? That’s why I like golfing—I don’t take it seriously and the cold beers go down like magic. My motto: Better to be no good at golf and enjoy than be average, hoping to be good, and hate your time on the links.

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2 Responses to Image of The Week: Sod Clod

  1. TJ says:

    It appears you left your ball on the tee my good fellow! Funny you post a golf pic the same day I do on Instagram. I was thinking to myself “why am i here and not on the river.” I don’t get enough kitchen passes as it is.

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