How Did That Happen—Seahawks Headed to The Super Bowl

Being a Northwest guy it should be no surprise that I was locked into the NFC championship game yesterday. Probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I did manage to break a kitchen chair when the Packers tied the game up in the last few seconds. My girls thought that was pretty cool but wondered why I was so upset. I told them I had a lot invested in the Seahawks, 37 years of investment, in fact, and then they understood. It wasn’t like they weren’t on the edge of their seats—they were hollering nearly as loudly as I was, one of them decked out in her Wilson jersey, the other sporting her Sherman threads. Lots of fun yesterday but I’d never seen anything like it. The only game that even remotely reminds me of what happened yesterday took place in the old Kingdome, back in the strike year of 1987 when the scab Seahawks came from behind and miraculously beat the Denver Broncos 28-21. If you look at the line from that game you’ll see a recorded attendance of 61,000 fans. But by the end of the game it seemed like it was just me and my sister and few others, jumping up and down on the meal bench seats, screaming our heads off like the world would tilt if the hawks didn’t win the game.

People will say the Packers lost that game yesterday and that is partially true—they should have won the game. What I carry away from the game, and as people start to say we have no chance against pretty boy and the rest of the Patriots, is this: our defense rocked yesterday. They were on the field almost every play in the first half and the Packers only scored 16 points. And they only scored six in the second half. The Seahawks defense won that game yesterday and they are the reason I do think we have a decent chance against New Enland. Lacy didn’t run wild on us and I don’t think New Englan’s Blundt will be able to either. Ok, here’s my opening line: Seattle by four. What do you guys think? Have any ideas of how the Super Bowl will play out? Have any opinion on yesterday’s game and whether the Hawks won it or the Packers lost it? Let me know. GT

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4 Responses to How Did That Happen—Seahawks Headed to The Super Bowl

  1. Geoff Moore says:

    The Seahawks played with confidence and patience. That game was like a river trip I was on once… slow start with nature kicking my ass but I hung in and eventually earned an awesome finish.

  2. Malachi says:

    I was subjecting a bunch of ratty old flies to the razor with a heavy heart as Wilson threw his fourth interception. Then I almost sent hooks everywhere when they got the onside kick. I’ve never seen a game shift that quickly, and it was amazing! I’m pulling for the Seahawks, but I don’t want to guess at the score.

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