Brown Trout Spank-Down from Montana Wild

Saw this video on today and wanted to share what some local Missoula boys are doing. In this vid they travel south, all the way to southern Idaho, to tangle with tailwater browns. I don’t think the river is as secret as they make it sound, but nonetheless there are times when you can have it to yourself. They show a nice array of brown trout, but there are much larger beasts to be had. This should get you fired up for the Memorial Day Weekend. Check this out and visit Montana Wild for more video pleasure.

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3 Responses to Brown Trout Spank-Down from Montana Wild

  1. Allen says:

    What river, and where?

    • Greg Thomas says:

      Probably the Owyhee. There are several desert rivers that fish well down there, and some lakes that hold some tanker Lahontan cutthroats. The O gets most of the attention. I’ve fished and caught some good ones and seen some better ones. Don’t know that I’m driving that far for some browns when I can find them a little closer to home, but a road trip is a road trip and seeing new country is never a bad idea.

  2. Pretty bad ass, Greg. Makes me think of a baby Beaverhead. Might have to tour down south someday.

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