You Write The Caption—6

Two of my best buds in the world are pictured here. Their home water is the Bitterroot, and that is where this picture was taken, regrettably, without me in the equation. Fact is, I don’t know when this image was snapped or who snapped it, but I can say Bitterroot with relative certainty and I can say, “It’s cold out there.” I’ve never understood people when they say, “Well, it was raining” or “It was snowing” or “The wind was really blowing,” followed by, “so we didn’t fish.” Weather? Are you kidding me? As long as it’s not completely dangerous I’m on the water come wind, rain or snow. And so are my pals, Tim Wolfe and Torrey Cenis, pictured here. Let’s hear your take on weather and whether that holds you back from the water or the woods. In my mind, you’re either an outdoorsman or your not and the conditions shouldn’t have much to say in it. GT

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One Response to You Write The Caption—6

  1. Tim Wolff says:

    My caption: “Fish Don’t Hibernate”

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