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Brown Trout Spank-Down from Montana Wild

Saw this video on today and wanted to share what some local Missoula boys are doing. In this vid they travel south, all the way to southern Idaho, to tangle with tailwater browns. I don’t think the river is … Continue reading

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Redington to Launch Web-Based Fly-Fishing Video Series

Just got a heads-up from Redington detailing their newest video project, a six-part online film series called, Find Your Water. Based on the trailer (see below) and the locations where the various segments were shot—from the Olympic Peninsula to Florida … Continue reading

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Redington’s Dually—Your Inexpensive Option for A Great Spey Rod

I’ve sang some praise for Redington’s Dually, especially after my trip to the Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula last September, fishing for Atlantic salmon. On that trip I threw Sage’s Method and Redington’s Dually and both performed great. The Dually, for some … Continue reading

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Northern Embridge’s Pipeline and Oil Tankers Spell Doom to Northern British Columbia

This proposed pipeline is a disaster. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. This company, Northern Embridge, has a history of mishaps and they are not even thinking that a disaster wouldn’t happen. They are just judging that the … Continue reading

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Trout on Damsels from Sharptail Media

This video from Sharptail Media is worth seeing. I just visited the Denver-based Trout’s Fly Shop Web site and spent five minutes of bliss. You have to see this. This happens to us all the time, with one insect or … Continue reading

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Confluence Films’ Waypoints Debuts November 8

Nobody would tell you that Jim Klug doesn’t throw a good party. I’ve been involved in enough of those frays to say, firsthand, that hanging with that boy, the producer at Confluence Films,  can be a lot of fun. There’s … Continue reading

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Trevally Attack

This is worth 10 seconds of your time on a cold Monday in the middle of winter.

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Five-Minute Respite: Fly Fishing Permit in the Florida Keys

Can’t really ignore this short clip. I have to think that every one of us would like to catch a permit. Many of us have tried, fewer have succeeded. Some of us haven’t even had the chance. So where’s the … Continue reading

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Costa Debuts the GeoFish Project

You may be 20 and single. You may be 45 and the father of two. You may be 70 with grandkids. No matter how old you might be, and whether you could ever place yourself in a situation like you … Continue reading

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Halestorm in Missoula

Wow. Two young daughters and a big future out there. Got a little taste of it last night when I joined my friends, TC and JD, for a concert at the Wilma Theater by Halestorm. TC has two daughters, one … Continue reading

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